Business leaders, are you looking for ways to optimise your business travel? Have you considered business aviation?

Advantages of business aviation

Greater flexibility

  1. Non-stop flights taking you directly to your final destination, free from geographical constraints: With 350 aerodromes in France capable of receiving private jets, and 4000 across Europe, every French business is less than 30 minutes from an airport.
  2. Make the most of your time with the ability to organise meetings in two different towns within the same day.
  3. No need to worry about time constraints and extensive formalities at the airport: arrive as little as 10 minutes before your flight with parking right next to the terminal.

Undisputable time efficiency

On average, travelling by business jet enables you to save 2 ½ hours compared to a commercial flight. Even more time is saved compared to train travel. For example, a one-way trip from Laval to Bordeaux takes 5 hours compared to 50 minutes by business jet. Business aviation is not affected by industrial action.

Significant increase in productivity

business flyers see an improvement in well-being: no more fatigue due to multiple trips, no need to spend the night in a hotel, a round trip can be done in a day. Client and supplier relationships are therefore made easier.

Optimised work environment

and protection of your confidential data.

A private plane allows you to work in complete privacy without the prospect of other travellers seeing your screen. You also have the possibility to hold business meetings onboard.

Reduced health risks

with fewer contact points.

The presence of the airport has clearly allowed me to speed up certain contracts and even to make them possible in the first place.

The fact that today my company has grown to a company of this magnitude, it is due to Laval airport.

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Business aviation – how does it work?

Multiple options are open to you:

Use of an “air taxi”

Transport providers such as Air Mayenne, provide “taxi” aircraft, rented along with the crew for the duration of a flight. Cost is relative to the number of passengers and the number of flight hours.

Buying an aircraft as part of a shared or group ownership:

This is the purchase of an aircraft made between several companies. Each company benefits from a share which corresponds to a certain number of flight hours per year. In addition to purchasing the share, the company pays a monthly management fee and a pre-established fee per flight hour.

Purchasing a business jet on whole ownership:

this is the purchase of your own aircraft or fleet, the company employs its own crew for its own requirements (or exceptionally for its clients).

Why choose Laval and Mayenne Airport?

  • Located only 10 minutes from Laval town centre.
  • Aircraft parking in close proximity to the terminal.
  • Free car parking.
  • Border control office at the airport.
  • Conforms to the strictest standards of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation